Boost Business with a Professional Carpet and Upholstery Clean in Birmingham this New Year

While you are probably working hard on developing your business and making sure all your staff are performing at the top of their game, you may not be thinking too much about your carpets and upholstery. The truth is, one area where many SMEs and large companies fall down is making sure their work environment is clean, safe and welcoming. Often, they’re just too busy.

Putting in a solid carpet cleaning strategy that doesn’t cost the earth can have numerous benefits for businesses big and small.

Not only does it deliver a clear message to visiting clients that you’re a good place to do business with, it helps to keep your staff happy too, making sure they don’t pick up any nasty germs and also have a great place to work in. At 1st Impressions Cleaning Solutions we’ve had a lot of opportunity to provide services for businesses in Birmingham, helping them to develop the right strategy that works 100% of the time and for the best price.

Birmingham is a thriving area for SMEs and big organisations, right in the heart of the UK and generating new business and delivering exceptional products and services is the mainstay of the region’s entrepreneurial endeavours. With all that effort going into helping business initiatives take off, cleaning and maintenance still have to be taken care of if you want to create the right impression.

Here are five reasons why proper cleaning of carpets and upholstery might actually help to boost your business:

  1. Clean floors and upholstery smell and look great, so when customers or valued clients come to visit your premises they see a business that is at the top of its game.
  2. Staff appreciate working in an environment that is kept spotless and work all the harder for it. Making sure carpets and upholstery are hygienically clean shows that you care about where your staff do their job.
  3. Making sure things are spotless can ensure that winter bugs like colds and flu outbreaks are kept to a minimum because vital surfaces are cleaned.
  4. In a busy office it’s easy for people to spill cups of coffee or trample something into the weave of your carpet which, left untreated, can lead to hard to remove stains that impact on how people see your business.
  5. At 1st Impressions we can work with you to create the right carpet and/or upholstery cleaning service that suits your operating budget. And we make sure that there isn’t much disruption to the day to day working of your outfit too.

We know that most business owners have a lot on their minds which is why we like to be as flexible as possible. Using the best carpet cleaning equipment money can buy and with staff who are fully trained, not to mention floors that dry completely within an hour, our aim is to provide a quick and easy quality service every time. That means you don’t have to worry about the small things and can get on with the important business of running your company, helping to deliver success and innovation to the Birmingham region.

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