Keeping your Carpets in Great Condition

When we get a new carpet, it’s tempting to think that all the usual maintenance can wait, at least until you’ve had some use out of it. All you really need is a good vacuuming every so often and the rest will take care of itself. If you live in a busy household, though, particularly with kids and pets rushing about, it doesn’t take long for your carpet to start gathering the kind of dirt, dust and stains that begin to degrade the underlying weave.

Whilst they are generally robust things, taking the time to clean properly now and again can greatly increase the lifespan of your carpet.

Choose Quality Over Price

As experts in carpet cleaning for the Stourbridge and Dudley areas, you might be surprised that our first tip for keeping your carpet in great condition would be to buy a quality one in the first place. Opting for the cheapest carpet in the store is a false economy, especially if you want one that lasts. A few extra pounds on the price could mean that you get a carpet that is easier to maintain and more resistant to things like stains and the pounding of feet. It will also last a considerable number of years longer.

Make Sure You Have Good Underlay

It’s not just the actual carpet that you have to think about but the underlay as well. Some people will go for either no underlay or one which is not particularly good quality. Not only can a good underlay make sure the life of your carpet is extended by ensuring it doesn’t rub against the underlying floorboards, it can also increase the floor insulation and help you save on fuel bills.

Deal with Spills and Stains Immediately

Once your carpet is laid then it is important to deal with any spills as and when they occur, as quickly as possible. A spilled glass of wine can be lifted using a damp cloth and a blotting motion or using a weak detergent/vinegar solution. As long as you attend to any spillage straight away, you should be able to significantly reduce any damage it may have done.

The problem comes when stains are left to dry and are then forgotten. This is a more common practice especially in busy households where there are other, important matters to attend to. Often it’s a quick wipe with a cloth without much thought as to whether the stain has been fully removed.

Clean Regularly

Vacuuming on a regular basis keeps your carpet clear of dirt and dust that can collect deep in the weave and cause problems with allergies and other health problems. Be sure to buy a vacuum that has a good deal of suction power and gives your floor a thorough clean time and again. A much used carpet that hasn’t been cleaned for a while will have dirt ingrained and when this happens it is more difficult to shift with a normal hoover.

Professionally Clean Once in a While

Of course, once you’ve had your carpet for a while then it pays to have a thorough professional clean. This gets deep down into the weave of a carpet and can return fibres to their pristine condition, or close to it, similar to when it was first laid. Not only does this restore all the colours but also greatly increases the lifespan of the carpet and is a very worthwhile investment in time and money.

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