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Keeping germs at bay in the workplace with help from Stourbridge’s first choice for cleaning services and solutions

Our collective awareness of germs in our day-to-day lives has grown over the past couple of years. With winter bugs such as norovirus affecting between 600,000 and one million people last winter, the likelihood you have come into contact with somebody who is infected or a carrier is quite high.

Did you know there are There are twenty five different strains of norovirus, and they can survive on surfaces for several days which is why it’s so important to take control of these viruses when they strike. Norovirus is thought of as the ‘winter vomiting bug’, however it can easily rear its ugly head at any time of year.

Steps can be taken to ensure we are not as likely to develop the illness:

  • Encourage your staff to eat lunch away from desks and work spaces – use a shared staff room or communal space to limit the bacteria spread while eating
  • Simple signs in bathrooms and kitchens will gently remind people to wash hands regularly
  • Try to invest in the non-contact sensor activated taps in public toilets
  • Use hand dryers, not used wet hand towels
  • Do not share flannels or face cloths with anybody
  • Use a portable bottle of sterilizing alcohol hand gel


The highest amount of bacteria can be found on a person’s phone, and there are up to  21,000 germs per square inch on a desk, in comparison only 50 are found on a toilet seat. Encouraging employees to use hand sanitizer throughout the day will cut down on passing bacteria around the office. A person on average touches their face two times in a minute – this is over six hundred times a day which is worrying when you imagine the surfaces we touch on a day to day basis.

First Impressions Cleaning Solutions in Stourbridge are an experienced cleaning company providing a wide range of cleaning services to restore surfaces inside of your home or business property, bringing them back to their former glory! From carpets to upholstery, all of our cleaning solutions are powerful and effective and will leave all surfaces looking like new again. Where we can, we are committed to using eco-friendly products. Caring for your property, but also the environment. Contact us today for more information

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